Sunday, 11 April 2010

Thailand declared State of Emergency

hmm, back in Bangkok and found out that the BTS and shopping malls has been closed.

The political rally has turned violent with 18 death, a reuters cameraman was shot death in a violent clash between the Thai troops and anti-goverment protesters.

Thai troops fired rubber bullets, tear gas and allowed to fire live round into air.
Bouh stop me from going out to take some pictures, I got a Bouh's travel warning, the same as those 43 countries that issue a travel warning for Thailand.

umm, yep, those are the protester's guns, although without the bullets it is still not the tools for a negotiation.

I wonder what's going to happen next week during the "supposed to be fun" songkran festival (water festival, when people on the street splash water to each other).

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  1. buhuuuuuu aku seharusnya ke bangkok 15-20 april ini jadi batal lo lagi di Bangkok ya? :D