Monday, 17 May 2010

is a proud auntie

my first nephew was born 2 days ago!
I got the news a bit late because everyone was so busy with the preparation, hospital and all.
Even the proud daddy, my brother missed the birth experience when taking his breakfast, a bowl of porridge. LOL!

I have been calling him "petit mbe" a mix of french and slang bahasa language which means "small goat". Why? Because there were times when his daddy stank like goat!

I browsed for a flight ticket back the moment I got the news only to realize that my passport is still in process for schengen visa in Phnom Penh's France embassy! ARGH! well, it's life, I'll just have to wait until everything's settle by itself.

Those who knows me, know well enough that I DON'T LIKE BABY or KIDS but that's all what i will write down about them, otherwise it will be too gory and even offensive.

but this creature, this 1 particular baby who are hundreds of miles from me, oddly touch my heart ... It's soo weird that I feel an attachment and affection for this magical creature. weird, odd, strange and a bit creepy ... well, after all, we human are weird and follows our instinct

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