Wednesday, 7 April 2010

"moto'bike miss?"

I arrived yesterdday in Phnom Penh, cambodia to apply for a 1 year cambodian visa.
In no less tha 24 hours here, I already got hundreds of tuk-tuk/moto'bike driver offering their service wherever I walk. "moto'bike miss?" " where you want go miss?" "miss?" "miss?".
A constant hassle in every step I took, every minute I spent without my ipod and it really gets me, it's just extremely annoyed me to the point of, I have to spit this out.

I also realized that I had unconciously browsed for flight ticket out, a try to find an escape port (if there's any ..). I was here 2 years ago, stopping by for a couple of days and I remember that it was too much to take. I simply can't stand the place.

The good news is, I'll be out from this madness in the next 2 days (gee, still 2 days!). I probably going to spend those 2 days, coop in the room and loathe every minutes of it.

The bad news is, next month we'll be moving to Siam Reap, Cambodia for 1 year.
I faintly hope it will be a better place.. faintly. we'll see ... perhaps, I overworked and tired, one too many to handle.

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  1. guliper kok pindah terus? jangan2 dia abri