Sunday, 7 March 2010

definitely Thai Burger

Bouh : First day in Bangkok! we should try the Thai food!
Me : yesh, like green curry, red curry, definitely Thai food!
Bouh : let's pick one of the restaurant here

Me : Bouh ... is that a Burger King sign?
Bouh : where? what? huh ..?
Me : there on the shop mirror! It's a Burger King sign's reflections!
Bouh : (looking around across the mirror) ... yep, that's the Burger King

We've been craving for Burger King, it's been months we haven't got a proper junk food burger,I made one in Hanoi, which is not junk foody enough ...

1 comment:

  1. Halah-halah... jauh2 makannya Burger king. Kalo balik Jakarta di suguin Tongseng dah ato burger buatan Oink... huahahahaaaa :))