Monday, 29 March 2010

how to train your baby dragon

The last time we watched 3D movie was Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. It was okeyish but not impressive, I felt that he failed to bring us into the realm of Wonderland. I think the point of paying more and tiring my brain with 3D movie is to experience another world, a world that used to only exist in a dream. As dream is the only time when fairies, mad hatter and dragon are real.

After a lot of persuasion, Bouh succeed in dragging me to watch another 3D movie. I was merely bored and need to watch a good movie because it's been a month that we live without a DVD player and hardly survive with the star movies program which has been playing the same "Paris Hilton movie" over and over.

We were skeptical with "how to train your dragon" by dreamworks but sure that it worth more than watching "Green Zone" in 3D.

Well .. how can I describe how it was ... humm ...
The dragon are extremely cute, the story flows really well, cute character design and the 3D experience was impressive!
I screamed, shrieked and laughed on my seat. I was so absorbed in the movie and forgot to behave and keep a straight face. I was still giggling when we Walked out from the studio, toothless is over-cute!

... and yeah, since then, I've been playing with my imaginary baby dragon.
I keep my toothless under the bed and we fly out when Bouh is out working.

My baby toothless, I drew this last night with tablet.

Here is the concept art of How to train your dragon :


  1. Damn, I wonder why the bed is so moving...
    Anyway, this movie was clearly more 3D than Avatar and Alice, textures and details are clearly amazing. Of course, the IMAX 120 wide screen help a lot for the immersion experience

  2. Jadi sibuk bikin illustrasi ini toh..