Monday, 1 March 2010

The bridge of sound

As I wrote on the previous post, I was dragged to an art performance but left my camera home.I succeed in finding some picture and detail report of the event from Hanoi grapevine blog

They build an impressive construction, bridges, bamboo jungle and most were light up with spot lights. There was some spot light shot up to the night sky, something rarely seen in Hanoi.
But nothing is perfect, they ruined it by playing earsplitting live music with some shouting, screaming singers. oh. not all singers shouted, some are good and really did try to sing artistically.

Before the night end, I was already too tired expecting for a good solid performance and ended up with beers and a slight disappointment

but after all ...

"arts, in all of its many forms, can sometimes be .. confusing"

Special thanks for Dao Anh Khanh for inviting us to the closing party, I couldn't be more than grateful drinking those fresh beer and rice wine at the end of the night.

photo courtesy of Hanoi grapevine blog

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