Thursday, 25 February 2010

cooking for one

Its been 2 days since I last touched my skillets, I'm not in the mood for cooking and my bad mood is clearly written on my forehead and the amount of crisp, ice cream and chocolates I ate.
I just need to turn on "the desperate housewives series" and my housemate will surely began to panic.

He is worried.

Last night, he dragged me all the way to an art performance event on the other side of the city and he already make a let's-hav-fun plan to entertain me this evening.

When we just moved in, I asked Bouh whether I can adopt my housemate to join our daily dinner, yesh, I felt exactly like adopting a puppy and I love it, for me the more is the merrier.
Today, my karma pays off, he instantly adopt me knowing that I'll be a lost puppy for the whole week.

gee, I'm so lucky when it comes to housemate ... always have the best of them.

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