Monday, 8 February 2010

Geeky mugs

we are addicted to morning coffee (who doesn't?) but also need a proper normal-sized mug to happily enjoy the morning - especially on Monday when weekend seems so far away.

so we decided to hunt down shops for a normal sized-mug, promised ourselves not to be picky with the design as it won't stay with us for that long. Luckily we found it, flowery greenish mug which weirdly comes with a cap, hell, just get it.

The next day, a package arrived from french and inside, surprisingly, are 2 couple mug!
Apparently, Bouh bought it online and thought that it lost its way on the way to Asia.

I was happy as a bunny (or woof) because the mugs are nicely designed, fit with our geek personality and we can store the ugly greenish mugs in the deepest corner of our cupboard.

here's the link where he bought the cute mugs:

HINT : Under the couch

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