Monday, 22 February 2010

Oh My Beer!

Hanoi is famous with its microbrewery, fresh beers are sold in Bia Hoi, night stalls are scattered on every corner of the old quarter street. 10usd in your pocket will pay for a night out squatting on a small chair, sipping glass after glass of beer while watching the crazy motorbike drivers dodge pedestrian on the street.
In almost every Bia hoi, a glass of fresh beer cost 3000VND (16 cent!!!), your 10USD can buy you 62 glasses, so please try not to use the whole 10USD unless you are planning to have a beer bath in your bathtub.

(Oh, wow, why i haven't done that ..?!).

My housemate swore that he found a Bia hoi with 2500VND/glass, the cheapest in the town. I told him that if it gets any cheaper than that, we should probably check whether we are still alive or are we actually already in beer-heaven.

Sipping beers on street corners seems fun and adventurous but there's always a day when you just want to snuggle on the couch, watching movies and drinking beers. It never occurred to me that I could doggy-bag the beers!

yesssh, a fresh bottle of beer, bia tuoi, for 15000VND!

hello .. is this beer heaven? am I .. still .. alive?

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