Thursday, 18 February 2010

gỏi cuốn-vietnamese spring rolls

who doesn't love fresh spring rolls?
nop, the question would be, anyone dare to make a spring roll?
with its super thin rice paper wrapper, how to bloody fold the thing!

yesh, i always felt intimidated by the rice paper wrappers and never gave it a try
although Vietnam is the land of spring rolls (and Pho - rice noodles soup)
and fresh ingredients can be found in every farmers market, dirt cheap as well.

I've been ordering spring rolls in almost every restaurant we went to, it's SUPER delicious.
Well, today I decide to give my clumsy hand a chance or a challenge, depends on how you see it. Without taking any vietnamese springrolls cooking class which offered for 35USD, I went to the farmers market, picked the herbs i need, bought a bag of frozen prawns and the widest possible rice wrappers.

Next thing i did is browsing the youtube (a geek will always be a geek ...) to watch how-to-fold-springrolls tutorial. The making was not as complicated as i thought, basically on the soggy rice paper just put together whatever herbs I got (cilantro, basil,mint), prawns, rice noodles, shredded carrot and salad, fold it, try not to torn the paper or getting a meltdown after failing over and over again, et voila ... 15 fresh "messy" spring rolls.

here's my 3 messy spring rolls master piece!

and here's the link of the how-to-fold-springrolls tutorial,


there's a lot in youtube but somehow i like this one better

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