Friday, 19 February 2010

SHIT it's a SHIRT!

Shopping rules: never buy a shirt or fabric material which needs ironing!

which means I never iron a shirt ... never need to ...
as a kid when I wore uniform, I was too young to iron it by myself
I spent my adolescent with Kurt Cobain's grunge style tshirt (didn't even need to wash it, hooray!) and my years as a white collar employee spent as an art director, yesh those kind of people who looks homeless with their torn shirt and converse shoes which doesn't fit with their age anymore, if you ever see them, say hi from me, those are probably my ex-colleagues or boss.

basically, i'm not a big fan of shirt or whatever complicated dress material which needs extra care but the time to shed my ignorance has arrives, in the form of Bouh's working shirts.

For 2 weeks, I was heartless enough to watch him doing a double bent while ironing his shirts until his back ache starts to annoy me (he's 2 meters tall - bumping his head or double bending everywhere he goes in Asia)

Left with 2 options, his back ache or starts helping him ironing the working shirts
and I have no bloody idea .. how? how? how?

here's for the ignorance in need of enlightenment, well, theoretically:


now, he is left with 2 options,
1.letting me help ironing but also starts buying new shirts - NO i didn't burnt it! or did I? with the back ache of double bending until one lucky day we'll have a house maid

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