Sunday, 21 February 2010

homesick dinner

mine was : Indomie goreng (instant fried noodles) and Double whopper burger king
Bouh's was : mom's veggies soup

we both grew up in a completely different background, while he munched on veggies and fruits surrounded by trees and animal, I had greasy burgers and KFC in mall surrounded by the most dangerous creature in the world, "the mall dwellers human teens".

Last nite, we got a bit homesick and miss our food ...
Bouh tried to recreate his mom's veggies soup by raiding the fridge and throwing every bit of veggies into the pot, aubergine, zuchinni, potatoes, paprika etc
and I tried to replicate Indomie goreng (instant fried noodles) without having the key ingredients, sweet soy sauce, which means "it's not going to taste rite!" but i was desperate.

so here is

"homesick Indomie Goreng"
- instant egg noodles (the yellowish noodle)
- 1 tbs sesame oil
- 2 tbs light soy sauce
- 1 tbs shallot oil (this is the key! - fry shallots in oil- take out the shallots)
- photos of mom/hometown

boil the noodles, mix all the ingredients in a bowl, toss the noodles into the bowl.
serve hot with mom/hometown photos on side.

OR .. buy the indomie online! I stumble on a very good international food website, it sells stuff from all over the world, the prices are acceptable (remember, I'm desperate ...) and it also sends up to almost everywhere.


this is the culprit i've been missing ...

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