Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Chuc mung nam moi & Happy Vday

"Chuc mung nam moi" in english : Happy new year!
and Happy V day !! (this year it fell on 14 february, the same day as the valentine day)

Its a full week holiday, the city has been dead since the 13th, pesto is running low,
Bouh has been spending his holiday home - keep stealing and geeking with my laptop.
His laptop is broken n yeah that's why i couldn't post anything.

So anyway, I was running out of bread today and decide to walk out from the warm house and face the cold winter (13 degrees-it's frickin' cold for me!if you are from a colder country, imagine a 15 degrees drop from your coldest temperatures, get the idea?). It took me an hour scouring down the empty street and closed shop, looking for an open bakery or supermarket.

None was open, it's tet! We just have to live with crackers ... but then, I suddenly remembered that we actually still had the leftover from the Vdays cake .... we are saved!

well, I didn't remember it because Bouh bought it when we had an evening stroll. I grew up in asian culture, I tend to not express intimacy in public (that includes buying Valentine cake as a couple - sounds weird eh?). It's been a year and we're still curious and excited in discovering our differences, from language differences to language of love.

well, just want to say .. happy chinese new year and happy V day ...


  1. my gawd the dog gone all woozy... maybe the mayans are right... :D
    hahaha keep it up doggie!

  2. yeah it might be the end soon ... hail the mayans!