Thursday, 4 February 2010

Stocking up my fridge

Hanoi - Vietnam

I've been spending days walking around the neighborhood and taking notes of "what shops sell what in what street". In this city, they only have 1 BIG well-stocked supermarket and it's miles from home.

Of course, i'd prefer supermarket, as I'll only need to pick up the stuff and pay it in the cashier. So much simpler than going to a shop and look like a handicapped doing hand signal language just to get a piece of bread. My vietnamese is very - very limited.

I took my notebook and camera, taking pictures of the shop and upload it in my personal googlemap. I might be an ignorance foreigner but i wrack my brain to be so.

so here it is, my way of having a well-stocked fridge :

Googlemaps for hanoi

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