Thursday, 11 March 2010

Collagen drink and Bangkok's ladyboys

"Thailand is sooo gay it makes San Francisco looks like rural Texas"

That's what I've been told.

There won't be a day passed by without spotting Ladyboys or gay couples walk hand in hand
strolling on on the street of Bangkok. I could spot a remarkably beautiful woman, quietly praise her beauty and the next minute when she talks, my envies disappeared into thin air as I also notice her deep voice, not a man deep voice but definitely not a soft woman voice. Some of Bangkok's ladyboys (katoeys) are exceptionally beautiful that it's almost impossible to differentiate between a real she or a she "was a he". Here is a link from TeaStains, she bumped onto some katoeys dressing up as Marilyn Monroe in MBK mall. Thailand also has a beauty pageant for katoeys, the Miss Tiffany's Universe. I'm posting the 2010 winner picture taken from Miss Tiffany's Universe website to give you an idea of their beauty ...

Full of the idea of how gay is Thailand,
When I first spot a small pinkish bottle of "beauty shot-collagen drink" in a 7-eleven on the Sukhumvit area, this is my honest first reaction upon seeing it :

I was amazed and started bouncing on the spot, pointing at the bottle :
me: Bouh, Bouh .. it's a transvestite drink!
Bouh: humm, what? where?
me: That bottle! it says, "collagen - beauty shot" !
Bouh: huh? maybe ... je n'sais pas ... no idea
me: (still bouncing like a 7 years old kid) I'm getting one ! it's hilarious!
Bouh: (looking at me with a thunderstruck face) ... .... ... whaaat?!

I bought both of Blink product and tried it, each cost me 25 THB (75 cents) and both are white grape juice flavoured. The darker pink is a Collagen drink and the lighter pink is a Glutathione drink it tasted slightly better than the collagen.
well, yeah, naively ... I really thought it was a transvestite drink ...
which apparently NOT AT ALL, Collagen drink is an anti-aging supplement.

Okay, here I am, trying to defend my silliness, I honestly don't know much about collagen, or anything related to beauty, cosmetics, make up. That's why my conclusion is quite simple :
collagen = beauty surgery + ladyboy in thailand = ladyboys drink!
Hooray, I'm a miss-understood genius!

so here is what enlightened me, the fact I found after browsing around on the net :

fact about Collagen:
Collagen is produced by your body in sufficient quatities to keep your skin toned, supple and guard against premature wrinkling.

fact about Glutathione:
Glutathione also known as GSH, is the most powerful, prevalent antioxidant in your body.
Increasing your Glutathione level will naturally increase your energy, detoxify your body
and significantly strengthen your immune system.

oh and psstt .. don't tell anyone bout my silliness, mkay?


  1. Don't think your conclusion was silly at all. With men that gorgeous, they probably do drink concoctions like this to keep their skin glowing. I've heard about Thai ladyboys but I had no idea! Our queens in Chicago are quite good but these boys are truly fierce!

  2. Woofy, thanks for the link to my blog.

    I've never seen those pink drinks!

    I'm certain that you'll see one of the 'promotional' events that I took. They are all over the place. Often in skytrains or mall; the Thais seem to love dressing up.

  3. This is classic Woofy :D
    but the drinks look fun... wouldn't mind getting a bottle hahhha...

  4. Priceless insights.. do keep us posted on the scene, keep up the good fight/reporting :)

  5. thanks pax! i'll keep reporting my silliness ^_^

    JJ, check out the biggest 7-eleven between sukhumvit - petchaburi, I spotted an orange one too, no idea what's that for ..

    Fly, Oh they are fierce, I got one enviously eyeing my black boots yesterday .. "gee, I swear that I'm not interested in competing with ladyboys...take it easy"hahaha...

    monkey, wait for d 1st package to arrive!

  6. Wonderful insight! :) I am just in Thailand and I always stare at all those little bottles in 7-Eleven wondering what are they good for, so I was browsing tonight and found your explanation. Helpful, I will go and buy one tomorrow straight away. (Being a girl, there is nothing to ruin anyway, just being more girl, right?) :D

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